Tubular Netting Tutorial


This necklace is made using tubular netting. You will be working with size 6 and size 8 seed beads and the technique is very simple. I have used a beaded clasp, made in basic Peyote stitch, but you can use a shop-bought clasp if you prefer. This project is suitable for all levels: if you scroll down and read the full product description, you will find a couple of handy tips to help you with the techniques.

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Tubular Netting Jewellery

Tubular netting makes very attractive jewellery. In this case, I used the technique to make a necklace. But the design works just as well as a bracelet. The look is chunky and the feel is very tactile. You get this by using the tubular netting to make a base, then add embellishment on the top. I designed this particular necklace for my first Jewellery Maker TV show. In fact, if you were watching the show, you will have seen me wearing the necklace. It is a style that I love – it looks complex, but is actually very simple and satisfying to make.

Technique tips

Tubular netting is a fairly easy technique if you are just getting into seed bead weaving. The trickiest part is remembering the ‘step-up’ that comes at the end of each row in the tube. It is not difficult to do, just easy to forget if you get too carried away in the rhythm of the tubular netting technique!

If you are struggling to remember your step up, then I have a tip that will help. Before you commence each row, take out the beads you are going to need. Then, when you have used them all, you know to look for your step up. Make sure you do it before you begin the next row.

This also helps you to check for mistakes as you go. If you think you have finished a row and you have run out of beads, or still have beads left, then this is a good indication that something went a bit wrong. So you can take the time to look for the mistake and put it right before you continue. If you want to learn more about netting as a technique, then this blog will give you some more information.

You will use seed beads in sizes 6 and 8 for this project. These are a good size to work with as they aren’t too small. Jewellery Maker selected the particular colours that I used. They went into the kits that launched their new range of seed beads. So you might want to check out the beads available on Jewellery Maker if you would like to replicate my choice exactly.

I used simple Peyote stitch to make a beaded clasp for my necklace. So I included this in the pattern. But if you feel this might be a bit tricky, you can easily just use a ready-made clasp from a shop instead.