Peyote Flower Bracelet Pattern


For this pattern you will need seed beads in size 8 and 11, plus beading thread and a clasp. You will be working in circular Peyote stitch. This pattern was designed for beginners, but will suit anyone wanting to improve their circular Peyote.

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This Peyote flower bracelet pattern uses circular Peyote stitch with basic increases to make individual flowers. I used different sizes of beads to create depth and texture. The pattern includes instructions for attaching a clasp of your choice. It requires a selection of seed beads in sizes 8 and 11.

This is suitable for beginners and upwards. The pattern gives six pages of detailed instructions with diagrams and photos. If you enjoy this pattern, you might also like to try my Peanut Bead Pendant Pattern which builds on this design.

Materials for the Peyote Flower Bracelet

I designed the Peyote Flower bracelet to use for teaching circular Peyote. I was thinking about the technique and about the things that can make it tricky. So, when I created the design, I used bead colours to overcome the normal difficulties. Thus, I have created a pattern that is brilliant for learning the technique.

So, if you are getting your materials together, you will need the following… Size 8 seed beads in two colours for the back flowers. Size 11 seed beads in two colours for the top flowers. You can either use the same colouring for both sets of beads, or pick a contrast. About 5g will be plenty in each colour. Then, you will need a handful of size 8 seed beads in your centre colour (gold in my sample). Pluse about 1g of size 11 seed beads in the same colour.

Just add your beading needle, thread, clasp and some scissors, and you are ready to go. If you already have beads in your stash, you can use them for this project. My only word of warning is, keep to the same brand of seed beads for all your colours in the Peyote Flower Bracelet. If you want to know why, then read this blog!

What Experience do I need?

I designed this project with complete beginners in mind. So, the Flower Peyote bracelet takes you on a natural learning curve. You will learn the new techniques using bigger beads, then start to perfect them by moving on to the smaller seed beads. If you wish, you can just keep to the big beads (size 8). You will also learn how to attach a clasp.

So, this project will teach you some jewellery making skills, a Peyote stitch technique and you will learn how to bead!