Peyote Cube Beaded Bead: Floral Pattern


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This Peyote cube beaded bead is quick and easy to make. So, keep reading for more details before you buy…


I made my Peyote cube beaded bead with size 11 Delicas.

You will want to use some type of cylinder bead in order to get the best results. Although the design will work with ordinary seed beads, you will find the cube shape ends up a little more irregular than with cylinder beads.

So, it is worth spending out for Miyuki delicas or Toho Aikos for this project. You only need 1g – or less – in each colour. So, if you already have these beads in your stash, this is a great project for using up odds and ends.

Then, use your favourite beading thread. You want something that will help you get good tension. For me, that is Fireline, but you might prefer something different.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working in circular and tubular peyote stitch. So, you should feel comfortable with increasing and also understand the basics of the technique. If you want to find out more, check out this free blog which guides you through the Peyote basics.

You can make these beaded beads at any level of experience. I have included comprehensive diagrams to show you the thread paths. The instructions are very detailed. And, I even gave you a word chart for the patterned sections. So, really, this couldn’t be easier!

About the Peyote cube beaded bead

A lot of people have been asking about getting started in 3D bead-weaving. So, when I embarked upon my 2019 beaded beads project, I decided to include a simple Peyote cube to help with that.

Now, you can add any kind of pattern to this design. But I thought some simple flowers would be a good start. Have a bit of fun trying out some different colour schemes. You can see what a difference it will make to your finished bead.

Each beaded bead is about 0.5″ (1.5cm) in size. They have a hole for stringing. So, you can create any kind of jewellery with these. They will look great with smaller spacers beads in between. Maybe try using some cube beads to keep the design theme going. Or, create a contrast by using softer round beads between your Peyote cube beaded beads.

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