Miniature Amulet Purse Pendant Pattern


For this project you will need size 11 delicas and a necklace chain, plus beading thread. You will be working in even count Peyote. Suitable for beginners and beyond. Please read the full product description below.

Your pattern will come as an automatic download on your receipt. So, please check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also download the pattern by logging in to your account on this website. If you have problems, please email me.

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This amulet purse pattern is perfect if you are new to peyote stitch, or if you want a quick and easy project. I created it to develop my even count tutorial. I designed the project to give my students a fun little project on which to practise their peyote skills.

You will be using even count peyote and can either make a plain purse or try following a basic pattern. You will learn how to do some simple shaping and turn your strip into a purse.

About the Amulet Purse

Amulet purses have been popular beading projects for many years. They look stunning. You can make them with complex, intricate patterns and designs. Unfortunately, it will take you a long time to bead a full-sized amulet purse in Peyote stitch. So, I made this miniature amulet purse to give you more immediate results!

The pendant measures about 1.5″ (4cm) across. You are best to make it with delica beads. Although it will work with ordinary seed beads as well. You can buy supplies from me in the BeadShop.

I have to share one really brilliant use that a student came up with. She beaded this for her grand-daughter to leave out for the tooth fairy! She added her grand-daughter’s initial to personalise the design. I thought this was such a lovely idea. So, I may have to make one for my niece when she is old enough…

More Helpful Information

If you are new to beading, then you may have some questions about the materials. I have suggested size 11 Delicas because they are easier to work with. They are little cylinder shaped beads. So, this means they interlock really neatly.

Peyote stitch is all about interlocking the beads. It is formed like a brick pattern. So, you start with a basic string of beads. You then add a row by stitching through every other bead in your string. So, you get a formation where the beads alternately sit ‘up’ or ‘down’. Think of teeth on a zipper or turrets on a castle! So, if you work with very regular-shaped beads, the beads will really help you see the pattern form.

If you have been browsing the beading supplies, you may have spotted that the Delicas are more expensive than the seed beads. This reflects the precision with which they are manufactured. However, if you are on a budget, the amulet purse project will still work perfectly well with ordinary size 11 seed beads.

If you are struggling to see small beads, then you can also make the amulet purse with size 10 Delicas. The purse will come out a tiny bit larger, but still work fine as a pendant.

So, I hope those tips help and you enjoy the pattern. Remember, I am also on hand to give you more help as you work – just contact me and ask!