Liquorice Allsorts Beaded Box Pattern


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This liquorice allsorts beaded box pattern is one half of a pair. I’ve created a separate listing for each of these projects. But, you can purchase them both together for less than it would cost to buy them separately. The other box in the pair is the peppermint candy box. I’ve included photos of both in the product gallery.

So, let me tell you more about the liquorice allsorts beaded box…


You are going to be working entirely in size 11 rounded seed beads for this project. Now yes, this is unusual for a beaded box. I would normally recommend using delicas. But in this case, I wanted to achieve a more rounded effect, so the rounded seed beads proved to be a better choice.

This will mean that you need to maintain excellent tension as you work. These beads aren’t going to ‘slot’ together quite as neatly or firmly as the delicas. So, make sure you choose a beading thread that will help you achieve the tension this needs.

If you want help in choosing beading thread, use this link.

I’ve detailed more about all of that in the PDF tutorial.

Experience and techniques

You are going to be working in peyote stitch, using the circular and tubular variations. I have assumed you have done these stitches before. So, if you need more help, you can download this free tutorial.

There isn’t anything particularly technically difficult about this project. But the choice of seed beads may make it more challenging. Firstly because of the need for good tension, secondly because the beads may not sit as regularly. So, you need to feel confident in your knowledge of the basic techniques before trying this project.

About the liquorice allsorts beaded box

This beaded box is about 2″ in size. I have taken inspiration from the liquorice allsorts sweets that are common in the UK. This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with these sweets. I also used them in a bracelet a few years ago. They make a nice statement and are fun to make.

The box shaping is actually a truncated tetrahedron. Again, this is a shape that I have used in the past. In that instance, I made a box featuring rivoli decoration.

At the start, I mentioned that this beaded box is one of a pair. You see, as I was creating the design, I realised it would also work if I replaced the liquorice allsorts with Brach’s peppermint candies. So, I just had to try it! You may want to make both, or maybe just one of these boxes. Just make your choice in the drop-down menu when you place your pattern in the basket. Then enjoy!

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