French Beaded Poppy Pattern


French Beaded Poppy Pattern will show you how to work in two different French Beading techniques to create this flower. You will need size 11 Matsuno seed beads and wire in two different colours, plus floral stem tape, stiffening wire and embroidery silk. Buy all your supplies from me in the beading supplies department. It is suitable for all levels.

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French Beaded Poppy Pattern

In this project you will be using two different French beading techniques: the horizontal basic and the single strands technique. The French Beaded Poppy pattern offers you a guide to the techniques and then the detailed instructions for creating a poppy.

You will need size 11 seed beads in red and black. Plus 0.5mm (24 gauge) wire in red and 0.315mm (28 gauge) wire in black. You will also find it very helpful if you are able to use a bead spinner for threading the beads onto the wire.

About French Beading

French Beading is a traditional craft that is thought to date back to Medieval Venice. There are several different techniques for creating individual petals and leaves or whole flowers.

I started my beading career by teaching myself French beading. So, this is a very accessible route into beading. It is also a great avenue to try if you are looking for something different. Although this technically classifies as wirework, the techniques you are using will be quite distinct. You don’t need a lot of tools – just a pair of pliers really …Although the bead spinner comes in very handy if you are making a lot of flowers. It saves so much time in threading beads!

My French Beaded Poppy Pattern is a design that I created back in 2003 when I was just starting out. As soon as I had learned the basic techniques I began designing my own flower patterns. I have a whole book of designs that I need to write up. So there will be more to follow!

However, I have had a lot of requests for a French Beaded Poppy pattern. So, that seemed like a good place to start. Poppies are such an iconic and popular flower with all their resonances of war, sacrifice and heroes. I hope you will enjoy making your very own display of beaded poppies.