Fondant Fancy Beaded Box Pattern


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I first made beaded Fondant Fancies back in 2012, to feature in my book, Sweet Treats. So, when I began a month of food-related beading projects, it seemed natural to think about ideas that could translate into boxes. The fondant fancy is an ideal project. But for the beaded box to work, I felt I needed to include the cake wrapping. So, here you get an entirely new version of my original project.


You will need the following beads to make this Fondant Fancy beaded box:

  • Delicas in size 11, size 10 and size 15
  • Your choice of beading thread

Fondant fancies come in three colours (traditionally). I chose pink for my box, but you could make a yellow or brown version as well. I sell all the beads here in my beading supplies.

You will need a thread that gives you good tension. My preference is Fireline. But this is not the best choice for everyone. So, feel free to use whatever works for you.


You will be using circular and tubular Peyote stitch to make your Fondant Fancy cake. The embellishment uses a simple technique which I explain fully in the pattern.

For the cake wrapper, you will learn a special version of Peyote to create the effect of the crinkled paper. It’s time-consuming, but great fun to make.

This project is suitable for anyone who feels confident in Peyote stitch. There are some fiddly bits, so this isn’t for a novice beader. Although, having said that, I do explain everything very clearly and include lots of photos and diagrams. So, if you are happy following instructions and want to stretch your skills, then give it a go.

About the Fondant Fancy beaded box

The finished Fondant fancy measures just over 2″ (5cm) wide and about 2.5″ (6cm) high. So, the storage capacity in the box is fairly generous for a beaded box. You could fill it with sweets or other little treasures.

If you have never tried Fondant Fancies, let me explain… They bring back happy childhood memories for me. Sold by the Mr Kipling company, they were labelled ‘French Fancies’. I believe this name is still copyrighted by Mr Kipling. It gives a nod to the French origins of this cake. It is a little sponge, topped with a fondant or cream and then covered in icing and decorated.

I mentioned above, the French Fancies came in three colours: pink, yellow and brown. Each had a slight hint of flavour: strawberry, lemon and chocolate respectively. I think my beaded version is actually just a tiny bit larger than the real cake. So, enjoy!

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