Embellished Herringbone Spiral Necklace Pattern


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Take your beaded spirals to the next level with this embellished Herringbone spiral necklace. So, how hard is it? And what do you need to make this?


You will need the following beads for your embellished herringbone spiral necklace:

  • size 11 seed beads
  • size 8 seed beads
  • superduos
  • 4mm pearls

So, you’ve probably got most of those in your stash already.

Naturally, you will also need some beading thread. My personal recommendation is fireline, but if you prefer something different, that’s fine.

I have included instructions for making a beaded clasp for this necklace. But, if you prefer, you can use a metal clasp of your choice.

Experience and Techniques

This is an intermediate to advanced level project. You are going to be making a herringbone spiral. But you will be using different bead types. So, I recommend that you already feel comfortable working in Herringbone spiral technique.

Now, your beading pattern does include links to online videos that demonstrate the basic techniques. If you want to learn the techniques, you can find video demonstrations in this online class.

If you love this project and feel like you need help in working up to it, then I have a series of patterns that will allow you to build your skills.

So, from very beginner level, start with this beading pattern to learn tubular herringbone technique.

Once you have mastered the basic tube, it’s time to add on two new skills. One is the thread path to create a spiral. The second is the use of mixed sizes of beads in your tube/spiral. You can learn those skills separately, or you can just grab this beaded necklace project to learn both those skills at once.

Then, you’re all ready to move on to the embellished variation you see here.

About the Embellished Herringbone Spiral Necklace

This project looks very intricate and ornate. In actual fact, you are simply going to create a two-layered spriral, using superduo beads.

So, you can really experiment with different colour combinations, depending on your preferences, and what you have in your stash. It is also very easy to alter the length of this necklace. I have also shown you how to use the beaded clasp to add on a special ‘adjuster’. So, with that, you can have options. Wear your necklace at choker length one day. Then, use the adjuster to wear it as a rope on another occasion.

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