Easter Egg Beaded Boxes Pattern


  • Easter egg beaded boxes that nest inside one another.
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This pattern makes three Easter egg beaded boxes that nestle inside one another. So, if you’re wondering about my influences for this design, think Russia. Think Faberge and Matryoshka dolls!


These Easter egg beaded boxes are all made with size 11 delicas. I actually made the complete set using four colours. So, I mixed and matched the colours to make a different ‘main colour’ for each Easter egg.

You could do whatever you like for colouring. So, maybe you’re using up a few leftover tubes of delicas? Just take a little time to think about a colour scheme as this is a great way to create a link between the three eggs. If you need some ideas, then check out this blog about colour schemes>>

I worked with fireline thread here because I find it gives me the best tension. You don’t have to use this thread, but do pick whatever helps you to get good tension.

Techniques and Experience

As beaded boxes go, the Easter eggs are probably intermediate level. So, this isn’t a really, really easy pattern, but it won’t challenge you too much either.

You will be working in Peyote stitch. So, you should feel comfortable knowing how to make Peyote increases and how to step up.

The basic shapes that form the Easter egg beaded boxes aren’t too bad. But I have also assumed you are comfortable with reading a Peyote chart in order to add the pattern to each egg. So, if you need a bit of help with that, grab a copy of this free tutorial>>

Inspiration for my Easter Egg Beaded Boxes

Well, I began with the inspiration. When I think of eggs, I think of Faberge. So, this is meant as a nod to that great designer. Of course I would never copy the real thing and I certainly couldn’t compete. Instead, this is my twist on the egg.

While I was thinking Russia, I couldn’t help thinking of the Matryoshka dolls. I still have a plan to try and make one as a beaded box (not that I’m ambitious or anything!). So, this is my first step. These three Easter eggs nestle inside one another.

The largest egg is just over 3″ (8cm) tall and just over 2″ (6cm) wide. The middle egg is about 2.25″ (6cm) tall and 1.75″ (4cm) wide. The smallest egg is about 1″ (3cm) tall and 3/4″ (2cm) wide. So, it’s definitely the smallest beaded box I’ve ever made! I’m not sure what to put inside it. But never mind – it’s just a lovely surprise as I unpack and re-pack my little eggs each time!

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