Dimensional Bead Embroidery Fish Pattern


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This dimensional bead embroidery fish pattern shows you how to make an ornament that is about 4″ by 2.5″ in size. So, let me tell you a little more about it.


You will need basic bead embroidery materials:

  • Stiff Stuff
  • Your favourite thread
  • A pen to transfer the pattern

Then, you also need about 30g of size 11 seed beads. I chose to use three colours, but you can mix things up as you wish. Whatever colour combination you use, make sure you have access to plenty of beads. Bead embroidery can vary more from person to person, so you may end up adding more or fewer beads than me, as you stitch.

I chose to use four crystal flat backs in OvalDuo settings to add a bit of sparkle and interest. These are the SS20 size, which is about 6mm x 8mm. You can buy these from Potomac Beads – follow this link to access their website.

If you can’t find any, or don’t want to use these components, that’s fine. Either replace them with something else in a similar size, or just leave them out completely.

Finally, you will need something to stuff your fish – I just used soft toy filler.

If, like me, you want to hang your ornament, then you will need a 6mm split ring, or closed ring. Optionally, you can also use some French wire.

Experience and Techniques

This is an intermediate level project, using basic bead embroidery techniques and some basic Peyote stitch. I have assumed you are familiar with the techniques, but I have also included links to free tutorials if you do need to learn something.

About the dimensional bead embroidery fish

This all started out as an experiment. I don’t know about you, but I normally think of using bead embroidery to make jewellery, or embellish clothes or bags. So, typically, you would be creating flat elements.

But I love making dimensional things. So, I wondered if I could do some dimensional bead embroidery? This is something I first tried with this Christmas bauble. But here, with the fish, I’ve taken things a step further.

I then used Peyote stitch to add fins and a tail. Now, I’m looking at this, thinking there are more paths I could take with this idea. So, this may not be the last time you see some dimensional bead embroidery from me!

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