Daffodil Beaded Box Pattern


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I’m launching this daffodil beaded box pattern to celebrate St David’s Day (1st March). The daffodil is one of the symbols commonly used for St David, patron saint of Wales. But, as you will find out if you keep reading, the daffodil also has other associations…


I made my Daffodil beaded box using size 10 Delicas. So, you will need four colours (I used two similar shades of green to help you with some of the structure at the end). Naturally the other colours are yellow and orange.

Or, if you wish, try a different coloured flower! I have seen gorgeous daffodils with white/cream petals and pale pink trumpets.

Now, to answer the question you’re about to ask me… Yes, you can use size 11 Delicas for this beaded box. It will simply come out a little smaller.

Made with the size 10, the structure is about 3″ high, 6″ wide. The little drawers (in the flower trumpets) are about 1″ cube. So, if you are thinking of using the smaller beads, I would consider whether the drawers will still be big enough for you.

If you decide to stick with the size 10 Delicas, you can buy them here>>

Experience and Techniques

The daffodil beaded box is actually one of my easier boxes. You may not think so, to look at this. But usually the most fiddly parts of the box are the structural ‘lips’. With this box, I have left a lot of ‘raw’ Peyote edges. So, you don’t need to worry about trying to create those tricky lips.

You are going to be working in tubular Peyote, using Peyote increases too. Plus, you will use some flat Peyote (odd and even count) and some Peyote shaping. I added further shaping with basic brick stitch.

If you’re wondering how hard these techniques are (they’re not!), have a read through this blog, which explains each of them.

About the Daffodil Beaded Box

After I had made my rose beaded box, I began to consider other flowers. Now, daffodils are certainly one of the most distinctive (and most popular) flowers.

They have associations with Spring-time, of course. The daffodil has also become the symbol for the Marie Curie cancer support charity. So, maybe those associations mean something that will make this beaded box special to you.

The box has two drawers for storing a tiny treasure. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also enlarge this structure to include four daffodils (the pattern tells you how!). So, enjoy!

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