Cymbal Ring Necklace Pattern


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My Cymbal Ring Necklace pattern uses the new Cymbal Elements bead findings. I incorporated them into a traditional seed bead design. So, they add an element of interest and structure.


You will need basic seed beads for this Cymbal Ring Necklace.

So grab some size 11 and size 8! In the pattern, I have included the precise quantities and colours that I used. So, you can follow my colour scheme if you wish.

I have also given you some ideas and guidance for creating your own colour scheme. So, you might choose to use this project for a little stash-busting! You could create a very colourful necklace this way.

Then, you will also need two types of the Cymbal Element components.

I used Itanos bead substitutes and Alona bead endings. These allowed me to link my rings seamlessly. So, no fiddling around with jump rings, or ending up with thread showing in the links!

This gives the necklace an incredibly stable, neat finish. Yet, it still retains a sense of movement.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working in basic tubular Peyote and basic even count Peyote. So, anyone who knows those techniques can make the Cymbal Ring necklace.

If you’re not sure about the techniques, then check out this free course and learn anything you need to.

About the Cymbal Ring Necklace design

This is my first attempt at designing with the Cymbal Elements. I have to say, I am very pleased with their look, use and potential for adding to design. So, thank you to the Beadsmith for introducing them!

I wanted to create a rope style with the feel of a chain. The Cymbal Elements allowed me to add the links so that each ring sits at right-angles to its neighbour. This gives the necklace a sense of movement and interest.

I have shown you exactly how I created and joined all my links. But I have also given you advice and tips for making this your own. So, you could omit the beaded clasp. Or you might arrange your links differently. You can also alter the necklace length to whatever you want. This is a design that is full of potential and flexibility!

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