Cupcake Pattern


For this project you will need a 5mm round red bead, size 10 Delicas and size 11 seed beads. You will be working in tubular Peyote and tubular brick stitch. This is suitable for beaders with some experience of these techniques.

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This was my original beaded cupcake design. It makes a really cute pendant or key ring.


The cupcake uses a mixture of size 10 Delicas and seed beads. You will also need a round red bead to use for the cherry on top.

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Experience and Techniques

This pattern contains four pages of instructions and diagrams.

The beaded cupcake is suitable for a more experienced beader. I made the cake base using circular brick stitch and the icing from tubular Peyote stitch.

You may find it a little tricky to join the icing to the cake. So, that is why I am suggesting this for confident beaders.

The cupcake takes about two to three hours to make. You can use it to make a pendant, key ring, fridge magnet or just for decoration.

About the Beaded Cupcake

This is part of a longer design story – my love affair with cupcakes! The design fell between the iced buns that I created for the gallery in my Miniature Beaded Cakes book, and the more elaborate cupcakes that I made for Sweet Treats book.

I was trying to create the sort of elaborate icing that has become fashionable on cupcakes. So, this pattern was my first experiment on that journey.

I liked the way it turned out, but I felt that the technique for the icing could be improved. So, I experimented further… Then discovered a new-to-me technique for mixing tubular brick stitch into tubular Peyote. So, I used this idea to create the cupcakes that featured in Sweet Treats book.

My original cupcake – the one in this photo – now sits as a fridge magnet in my kitchen…alongside a few other pieces of beaded food!

Now, if you follow my beading, you will recognise that I made a further improvement to the design with this little beaded box!