Cubist Necklace Pattern


For this project, you will need size 11 delicas and your choice of beads for the rope. Please read the full product details below.

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About the Cubist Necklace Pattern

Once again, I was inspired by art when I created this Cubist necklace. The project started as a single motif and grew into a simple design. You can pick any range of colours for your own Cubist necklace. In fact, there is not even any need to stick with three different colours – you could just use one! I chose to create a strung rope for my necklace, but if you prefer bead-weaving, you can make a beaded rope for this. A spiral beaded rope would work particularly well, so if you need any ideas, or techniques for beaded spirals, you can find a whole booklet about them here.

You can also choose your type of clasp, or make a beaded clasp if you prefer. The Cubist necklace of course takes its name from the central focal. This is made using Square Stitch. The pattern assumes you are already familiar with this technique, so if that is not the case, you can get a free tutorial here. This will guide you through the basics that you need to know before you start.

I strongly recommend using the Delica beads that I have suggested. They have a very regular shape which will help you to create the signature geometric look for your motif. If you are really averse to using Delicas, the design will work with other seed beads, but you may end up with a more organic-feeling result.

More inspiration

If you like the Cubist necklace, you may be interested in other projects that have been inspired by art movements. Perhaps you might like to try an art-deco pendant, or even a cubism inspired bracelet that would look great with your necklace. You can also find more square stitch patterns here. If you are interested in geometric beading, then this blog should give you some inspiration.