Crest of the Wave Peyote Stitch Earring Pattern


This pattern is a perfect introduction to two drop Peyote stitch. It combines ordinary even count Peyote stitch with the two drop variation to make a quick pair of earrings. The quirky spiral shape is achieved by mixing different beads.

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Now, this stitch can be a little tricky when you are first learning it. …I should know, since I have now taught it many times! I designed these earrings as a beginner’s project to teach two drop Peyote stitch in a one hour taster workshop at the Big Bead Show in October 2014. So, this gives you an indication that this project is both quick to make and easy!

Help with Peyote Stitch

The problem with the stitch is the row structure. Often described as being like turrets, or teeth, the beads are added in such a way that a single row actually looks as though it is comprised of alternate beads. Until you really understand this, peyote stitch can be a bit of a mystery.

I like to try and overcome this problem in different ways when I teach. When I designed this peyote stitch pattern I wanted to create a distinction in every single row. This makes it easy to distinguish one row from the other. I have done this in a few different ways. By changing colours row by row and also by mixing up bead sizes.

This clever little pattern also gives you an accidental introduction to another variation of Peyote stitch: two-drop peyote stitch. This involves picking up two beads at a time so an individual stitch is then made from a pair of beads.

Is this sounding complicated yet? Well, you will be pleased to know that the actual workshop went very well. I had some complete beginners who had done no bead-weaving at all before. In the space of that hour they managed to watch me demonstrate a whole earring and then each make a complete earring of their own. I heard that the second earrings in each pair came together very quickly once the ladies got home to finish the project. I also heard that I had created a few more converts to Peyote stitch in the process!