Christmas Tree Charm Pattern


This Christmas Tree Charm pattern is made using a combination of tubular Peyote and basic netting. It combines seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8. The pattern assumes some familiarity with the techniques used, but it’s not very difficult. The little charms are quick to make and can be used to decorate gifts, worn as charms or attached to earring findings for a festive party.

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Christmas Tree Charm pattern designed by Katie Dean. This pattern is quick and simple to make.

You will use Peyote stitch and netting to make these Christmas Tree Charms. This pattern uses size 15, size 11 and size 8 seed beads to give a charm that is about an inch (2.5cm) high. However, when you make your first Christmas Tree Charm, it can be a good idea to use larger beads to get a better idea of how the thread path will work. If you plan to do this, then substitute the size 15 beads for size 11, use size 8 in place of the size 11 recommended and replace the size 8 bead with size 6.

About the pattern

I designed this pattern after I had been playing around with some different netting techniques for making beaded beads. I wasn’t terribly satisfied with my beaded beads. But one of my colour choices for the experiment ended up reminding me of a fir tree. So my Christmas Tree Charm idea was born! I simply had to modify the technique I had been using, work out how to add a trunk and then write the instructions!

As with all my patterns, the instructions for the Christmas Tree Charm give detailed step-by-step written instructions. They are accompanied by diagrams to show thread paths, and photos to show details of the finished beadwork. You can find out more about the beads and techniques used here.

I have found these little Christmas Tree Charms can be used for a whole range of different purposes. If you are making the larger version, using larger beads, this makes a cute pendant. You can also use it as a decoration. The small version of the Christmas Tree Charm makes a lovely earring, as shown in the photo. If you’re not into festive jewellery though, the small version can be used to decorate a gift tag, making a lovely extra gift.

If you want more festive beading projects, then definitely check out my series of Christmas Beading books.

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