Chocolate Easter Egg Beaded Box Pattern


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Let me introduce you to this chocolate Easter egg beaded box by way of a very short video…

So, now you’ve taken a look at that, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this pattern.


You will be making your chocolate Easter egg beaded box with a combination of Miyuki rounded seed beads and a few Miyuki delica beads. It is absolutely vital that you use these brands and types of beads. If you try this project with a different brand of beads, it won’t work. Similarly, if you try to use all rounded or all delicas, it won’t work. You MUST follow my recommendations exactly.

In the tutorial, I have explained precisely why this is the case. I have also given you a lot of advice about how to choose your own bead colours for this project. (Don’t worry, I have also included my own colour choices).

If you want to understand more about why it is so important to use the right brand of seed beads for a project, then read this blog post.

I have recommended that you use Fireline beading thread in order to get the tension right. Your beaded Easter egg is self-supporting, so your tension will be critical.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working entirely in Peyote stitch. I have assumed you already know how to do this technique. But, if you do need extra help, the PDF tutorial also includes links to video demonstrations of the techniques. So, you can use those alongside the pattern.

I suggest this is intermediate level. None of the techniques are particularly hard. But you will need to be good at following instructions and figuring things out on your own.

About the chocolate Easter egg beaded box

The finished size of this beaded box is about 2.5″ x 2.5″. If you watched the video, above, you will have seen that this gives you pretty good storage space. So, you can easily fill this box with some real chocolates and give it as a gift.

You also have plenty of scope for re-colouring the wrapper to suit your tastes. I have included some detailed advice about choosing colours in the PDF Tutorial.

And if you like the idea of making Easter eggs as beaded boxes, have you seen this pattern? It gives you stacking Easter egg beaded boxes. You can also find plenty of other Easter egg ideas in the Easter section of my website – just follow the ‘Easter’ tag.

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