Beaded Tutu Pattern


For this beaded tutu pattern you will need seed beads in sizes 8 and 11, although the pattern also shows you how to use different sizes. You will be working in basic circular and tubular peyote, so this is suitable for all levels.

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Beaded Tutu Details

Learn how to use two basic variations of Peyote stitch to create this miniature beaded tutu. You will find it easiest to start working with size 8 seed beads. This creates a beaded tutu that is about 2.5″ (4cm) in diameter.

Once you have gained confidence with the pattern, you can try making a version using size 11 seed beads. This is the perfect size for a handbag charm.

If you are feeling even braver, then size 15 seed beads will make a cute little phone charm. Or, if you want to go bigger, use size 6 beads to create a slightly larger ornamental beaded tutu. You can also develop your own colour variations and try out some different patterns once you are comfortable with the basic technique.

I designed this beaded tutu back in 2003. It was the very first Peyote Stitch project that I ever made. I had a book about Peyote stitch and wanted to teach myself some of the techniques. I could see that there were different variations of the stitch.


So, I thought that if I could learn how to make a tube and how to make a circle, I would be able to create a tutu. (For those of you who don’t already know, ballet is my other obsession!). So, that is just what I did. I went on to develop different designs to reflect some of my favourite ballet costumes from the stage. Some of my miniature beaded tutus have gone to special homes with some of my favourite dancers. Some of my designs have also been sold in the Royal Opera House shop in Covent Garden.

As you can see from the photos, lots of different colour combinations are possible with just this basic pattern. So, do experiment to create your own beaded tutu designs. I would love to see what you come up with. These little ornaments are just perfect for anyone you know who loves watching ballet or goes to ballet classes themselves. If you want some inspiration for costumes, then you can find plenty in the images from any ballet company’s website, so enjoy!