Beaded Star Box Pattern


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I love experimenting with beaded boxes. So, a while ago, I decided to try and take this to a new level. I wanted to turn a beaded star into a box. And the best bit – it worked!


This beaded star box uses only size 11 delicas. I chose three colours and tried to create a sort of ombre effect.

The bezelled knob uses a 14mm Rivoli and a handful of size 15 seed beads. But you could also keep the lid flat with just delicas if you want.

You also need whichever beading thread will get you the best tension. For me, it is Fireline, but you may have a different preference.

I have all these materials on sale right here if you need them.

Techniques and Experience

This pattern uses Peyote stitch. So, you should feel comfortable working in both circular and tubular Peyote before you try this project.

If you need a reminder – or a lesson! – you can download free tutorials from this website to help you out.

About the Beaded Star Box

My biggest question is why I’ve never made a beaded star box sooner?! I made a lovely beaded star ornament for my Christmas tree a few years ago. (You can get the pattern here). So, I initially thought about turning that into a beaded box.

However, I like a new challenge every now and again. So, my original beaded star was the six-pointed variety. I decided to make the beaded box from a five-pointed star.

The principles are the same. So, this uses geometric beadwork techniques to create the flat shape. The biggest challenge is building the sides and shaping the lip. Then I had to make sure the lid would fit snugly. Happily, this all worked out fairly easily. So, I think all those years of experience I’ve built up really paid off!

The finished box measures about 8cm across and around 3cm high. So, it is big enough to store a few packs of beads or thread.

Now I’ve got the principles of shaped beaded boxes, I’ll be off to make a few more… So, stay tuned for more projects!

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