Beaded Snowdrop Pattern


French beaded snowdrop patterns shows you the step-by-step techniques for creating this flower. You will need size 11 seed beads and 24 gauge (0.5mm) wire for this project, along with floral stem tape and embroidery silk to finish your stems. Buy all these materials from me, at very good prices – find them in the beading supplies. Technique guides are included, so this pattern is suitable for all levels.

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French Beaded Snowdrop

This project teaches you how to make a French beaded snowdrop. You will be using two basic French beading techniques: the ‘basic’ technique and the four-row crossover.


This beaded snowdrop uses size 11 seed beads and 24 gauge (0.5mm) wire in white and green. I have also used some floral stem tape and embroidery silk to bind the flower stem. The materials for the beaded snowdrop can be purchased from me. Just pop into the beading supplies department.

I used Matsuno brand seed beads when I was creating this design. So, if you are using a different brand and find that the pattern isn’t sitting quite as you would like, you can use your discretion in altering the suggested bead counts. However, if you buy your beads from me, you will have the correct brand.


If you are working with other brands from your stash, I have a couple of tips. In particular, Miyuki seed beads tend to be a little smaller. So, I have found it is helpful to add a couple of extra beads in each row in order to maintain the shape you want.

Creating Arrangements

The beaded snowdrop is a quick and easy project that I made early on in my designing career. You can create a small flower pot or vase full of beaded snowdrops in a fairly short space of time. They make a beautiful permanent reminder of the first signs that Spring is on the way.

As the pattern includes leaves, the best way to display your beaded snowdrops is in a plant pot. Find something that is no more than 4″ (10cm) across. You may be able to get old pots from a local garden centre for free.

Fill the pot with oasis and you can just poke your beaded snowdrops into this. To give an attractive finish, add some reindeer moss to the top. Or perhaps if you want a reminder of the snow of winter from which these flowers emerge, use stones and pieces of cotton wool.

French beading is a very accessible way into beading. I started with this craft and I find it a lot more forgiving than bead-weaving. It is an ancient craft. So, if you are interested in finding out more, you might like this blog.

If you are new to French beading, my book, ‘Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets‘, includes video demonstrations. These include all the techniques you need for the snowdrop. So, you can watch me show you what to do. It’s almost as good as having me in your room with you!