Beaded Pen Cover Tutorial

This pattern is available exclusively in my ebook, which you can purchase here>>

Please read the full product description below to find out more about the pattern and the rest of the ebook.

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This beaded pen cover tutorial is available exclusively in my ebook, ‘Beaded Christmas Gifts and Cards’. It makes a great gift for men and women.

Due to the publishing contract, I’m not able to publish the pattern on its own. But you can find the ebook here>>

You get eight other fabulous projects alongside this beaded pen cover tutorial. These are:

  • Christmas Wreath Jewellery set
  • White and Silver ‘snow’ jewellery set
  • Beaded Christmas cards – several designs
  • Miniature beaded robin
  • Cuff links
  • Miniature Advent Candle
  • Simple snowflakes

So, you will find something to suit you, whatever your skill level.

You also get a fabulous range of different techniques. And do you know the best bit? I demonstrate all these techniques on videos, so this ebook is an amazing way of learning.

If you want to learn more about the ebook, follow this link>>

About the beaded pen cover tutorial

Anyway, back to your beaded pen cover tutorial.

This is a project that is suitable for anyone. With the aid of the videos in the book, you’re going to feel like you have me in your craft room with you! So, if you are still learning, this is a great way to go.

You just need size 11 Delicas and beading thread, plus a pen blank. This pattern is designed to fit a specific metal pen. But if you are used to beading, you can adapt it to other sizes. You can get all the supplies in my beading supplies department.

You are going to be working in odd count Peyote stitch.

Each pen cover takes about an hour to make (remember, you have two halves!) if you are used to following a pattern and working in Peyote stitch. I have included two different ‘Harlequin’ designs, plus a snowflakes and musical notes design. So, you have a few options. These make lovely gifts. I designed this as a gift for my brother because I always find it hard to make beaded gifts for me. So, this is a great choice.

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