Beaded Heart Box Pattern


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If you enjoy Peyote stitch, then you’re going to love this beaded heart box. It’s all about joining triangles, so not for beginners…read on to find out more.


I made the beaded heart box entirely from size 11 Delicas. These beads were kindly donated by the Beadsmith, as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad – thank you!

I have given you my colouring in the pattern instructions. However, I suspect for some, this will be a little too ‘cutesy’. So, do feel free to make your own choices. As I look at the design, I can see it looking rather sophisticated in deeper, darker colours. Maybe you go for browns and golds? Or how about getting some red in there. What about red and white with a black edging?

I was lucky enough to get to use some of the pure gold lined beads. They are gorgeous to look at and fabulous to work with, but not cheap! So, if you do want to investigate these further (maybe you need a little treat or have a generous friend to treat you…), it’s colour code DB230.


As I mentioned, this beaded heart box is made entirely with Peyote stitch. So, you will be using the tubular and circular variations. If you need any help with the techniques, I have a free tutorial you can use here.

I recommend that you are very comfortable with the techniques before you try this box. The shaping makes it a little fiddly in places. Although, this is easier when you know Peyote well.

About the Beaded Heart Box

This beaded heart box is another in my series of beaded boxes. Lately, I have been exploring the idea of connecting smaller shapes to create a larger whole. So, this heart design is made entirely from triangles.

I felt this might give the look a more angular feel. So, I decided to use my colouring to actually enhance this. I was thinking of the kind of art that you might find in the Cubist movement.

The finished box measures about 10cm x 8cm x 3cm. I found mine is big enough to carry two tubes of beads and a reel of thread. What will you put in yours…?

If you like this style, then you might like to find out a little more about geometric beading. I have linked to a few more similar patterns below. So, keep scrolling down for a few other projects you can try.

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