Basic Spiral Stitch Pattern


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Basic spiral stitch is a brilliant technique to learn as a complete beginner. So, this pattern is aimed at people who are new to beading.


You only need seed beads in two colours for this technique. So, you can choose your size. I find size 8 is a great place to start. These beads are big enough to see clearly, but small enough to make a neat spiral.

Colouring is a great way to help you learn how a technique works. So, when you pick your colours for this project, make sure you choose two that contrast well. This could mean two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. Or, it could mean a dark and a light shade of the same colour. You just need to be able to see the difference between them very easily.

If you are new to beading and don’t have many beads yet, I can help. When you buy this pattern, I will send you a discount coupon. You can then use that to buy your beads. I have size 8 seed beads available here.

Experience and Techniques

This beading project is all about a single technique: basic spiral stitch. You might also see this called ‘Spiral Staircase’. I will talk a little more about that below.

All you really need to know here is that you don’t need any prior experience to try this project. (And you’ll be able to make some pretty impressive jewellery for your friends!)

About Basic Spiral Stitch

This is one of the first beading techniques I tried. I loved it immediately. It is easy to pick up because you are just repeating the same movement over and over.

Yet, it looks far more complicated. So, you can create some impressive-looking designs.

This pattern gives you the most basic variation. You can move on from that to try others. So, the variations are really endless. You will see, you can create new variations by altering the number of beads in a stitch, or by changing up the type of beads you use.

You can also experiment with different colours. So, if you are new to beading, this really is a great place to start.