Right Angle Weave Collar Tutorial


This right angle weave collar is made using CRAW, although the pattern gives you a ‘cheat’ for this and MRAW. You will need size 6 and size 8 seed beads and True2 beads, plus a length of chain and a clasp for this project. Suitable for intermediate and beyond.

You will receive the pattern as an automatic download on your receipt. Please remember to check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also log in to your account on this website to access and download your pattern, or email me if you are having problems.

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About the Right Angle Weave Collar

I made this Right Angle Weave collar necklace for the Jewellery Maker TV seed bead launch show. So, I combined True2 beads with seed beads in sizes 6 and 8.

I was fascinated with using Right Angle Weave in a couple of its different variations. Now, I know this is a technique that people love to hate. So I wanted to try and create a piece of jewellery that used a few ‘cheats’ to make the technique easier. Personally, I think it is a wonderful-looking technique and offers huge design potential. So if you are one of those with a fear of Right Angle Weave, do try and find your way past that fear. It will be rewarding I promise!

Design notes

I designed the Right Angle Weave collar in stages. First I made the spacers, or struts, that give the structure to the necklace. These are basically CRAW tubes. But as I was making them, I realised there is a very easy cheat here.

So, if you are just about happy with basic Right Angle Weave, you can use that to make flat strips. Then turn them into the CRAW structure with an easy thread path. If you don’t believe me, just give it a go!

Having created the spacers, I then used these to assemble the Right Angle Weave collar’s focal front. I made this using simple Modified Right Angle Weave. (This is a lot easier than the basic RAW as you don’t have to worry about those confusing changes of direction).

Finally, I added interest in the design by mixing the seed bead colours and shapes. Then, I finished the Right Angle Weave collar by simply hanging the focal front section on a piece of chain. I just used a normal clasp. So, this makes the project fairly quick to complete. You are rewarded with a trendy and stylish piece of jewellery.

The tutorial lists the materials I used. They all came from Jewellery Maker. But you can also find these items in a lot of good beading shops.