Peyote Stitch Diamond Necklace Tutorial


Working in Peyote stitch, you will be using a combination of size 8 seed beads and pearls to make this elegant necklace. The techniques are very simple, so this is suitable for all levels. The necklace is fastened with a silver clasp.

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Peyote Stitch Diamond Technique

Peyote stitch is a very versatile technique and one that I love. You can work this technique in so many different ways to create flat or three-dimensional beading. You can find yourself stitching back and forth along rows or round and round in circles. So you have huge flexibility in Peyote stitch.

For the Peyote stitch diamond technique you are going to build on the basic Peyote stitch, but work in a circular fashion. It’s simple, but effective

About the project

I designed this necklace for my first Jewellery Maker TV show. The kit with which I worked had a combination of beautiful pearls and seed beads.

I know that Jewellery Maker has a long tradition of supplying gorgeous pearls and gemstones. But I joined as a guest designer when the seed beads were launched. So I wanted to show how the seed beads can be used to add a new dimension to the gemstones.

Peyote stitch is one of my favourite techniques and the peyote stitch diamond shape is both fun to make and very easy. I had an image in my head of chains of diamonds. So that is how this design began life.

As I was making my Peyote stitch diamonds, I began to see a way in which I could use the pearls to add a simple embellishment. So this design really evolved as I worked. I fastened the necklace with a clasp that came from Jewellery Maker. So you might want to check out their wonderful range of clasps for this project.

You will see that the tutorial lists the Jewellery Maker materials that I used. The seed beads are widely available. If you have any trouble getting the exact pearls that I used, don’t worry. You can easily substitute these for another similar bead or gemstone – just try to get the size around the same so that the design still works. You are going to be working in Peyote stitch. So if this is a new technique for you, take a look at this blog to give yourself an overview.