Oval Bicone Beaded Beads Pattern


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This oval bicone beaded beads pattern gives you detailed written instructions and diagrams. It is part of my beaded beads project for 2019.


Your oval bicone beaded beads will need the following materials

  • 3mm bicones
  • 4mm bicones
  • Beading thread
  • Optional: size 15 seed beads

Now, you can make these oval beaded beads just with one size of bicones. This alters the shape a little, but it will work just fine.

If you are working with bicones, you need to be careful about your choice of beading thread. The bicones can have sharp edges which can cut through some beading threads. In general, the nylon based threads tend to be more likely to tear. But some people also have trouble with Fireline.

Personally, I recommend using Fireline, or possible KO thread. You may have heard of other recommendations. So, that is fine – just be aware. If you need more information about beading threads, then check out this blog>>

I have also said that you have the option of using size 15 seed beads. This would be for creating a more advanced version of the oval beaded bead. The size 15 seed beads would cover the exposed threads between your bicones. So, I have included instructions for this in the pattern as well.

Experience and Techniques

The oval bicone beaded beads use Right Angle Weave. I have written the instructions so that anyone can follow this. You don’t need to have previous experience of the technique.

And the more advanced instructions included will naturally follow on from the basics, so you can progress when you are ready.

About the Oval Bicone Beaded Beads

I am not claiming this pattern as a unique or ‘new’ idea. I’m very sure it must have been done before. But I haven’t seen any other examples, so I have ‘discovered’ this shape and the way of creating it for myself.

This discovery took place in response to a lady who suggested this as a beaded bead idea. So, I hope she will enjoy trying this.

Once you have the hang of the technique, these beaded beads are really quick to make. Each one is about 1/2″ long. So, they work as both spacer and focal beads.

The bead structure means that you can also thread through them horizontally or vertically. So, they can sit whichever way you desire.

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