Lucky Dice Beaded Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need True2 beads in black and white, a string of gemstone chips or other stringing material, your favourite beading thread, some Beadalon wire and a clasp of your choice. The pattern uses peyote stitch and is intermediate level.

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About the Lucky Dice Necklace

I made this Lucky Dice necklace for my second Jewellery Maker TV show. The show had a theme of ‘A Day at the Races’, so I wanted to create some jewellery that was elegant, maybe a bit quirky (a fashion statement/talking point is always good!) and lucky for the wearer.

My kit included a black and white colour theme with some True2 beads. These work as a perfect substitute for size 11 seed beads. So I decided to use them to make up an idea I had used in the past…lucky dice!

Techniques and Tips

The dice came from my card games bracelet and I was curious to see if the design would work in the True2 beads. You will be using circular and tubular Peyote stitch. You just need to make sure you keep a really good tension so that the beads fall into the cube shape that you want.

This particular kit included a gorgeous long string of gemstones. They looked so good as the string that I decided to just use them that way. I ended up re-stringing them on Beadalon stringing wire so that I could guarantee the strength of the necklace and also use crimps to fasten the clasp. You can then play with the drape and arrangement of the gemstones.

I made this necklace in a morning, so it’s a lovely quick project. It has lots of potential as well – you could string your lucky dice on anything, including your favourite beaded rope. This size of lucky dice I felt was a bit large for a pair of earrings. But you could certainly think about changing up the colour, or even forgetting the dice pattern so you just make a beaded cube. If you want to see the other kits I made for this show, then check out my blog.