Kheops and Pearls Bracelet Pattern


Use a combination of Kheops, Superduos, Pearls, Crystals and Delicas to create this elegant bracelet, fastened with a magnetic clasp. This pattern is suitable for all levels.

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Kheops and Pearls Bracelet

Use Kheops beads, pearls in 4mm and 6mm, Superduos, 3mm crystals and size 11 Delicas for this project. I designed this bracelet as I was working my way through different ideas for using Kheops beads. I had created a few designs in which the Kheops formed the centrepiece. Now, I wanted to try something that used these beads to add an edging.

Their triangular shape creates immediate interest and also gives the flexibility to combine them with different types of seed beads. This project also gave me an opportunity to work with Superduos, using their two holes as a means of creating different layers in a piece.


You will start by creating a simple Right Angle Weave band. Then move on to add the embellished edging using the Kheops, Delicas and 3mm crystals.

I picked a really cool blue and grey/silver colour scheme. But this design will work in all sorts of combinations. My advice would be to choose a pearl colour in which you are able to get the same shade in 4mm and 6mm. Then pick out Kheops and crystals to go with this. I used silver Duracoat delicas. These come close to behaving like a base metal, so are always a good bet to add a subtle hint to a colour scheme. You can find out more about choosing colours here.

This project uses two types of two-holed beads: Kheops and Superduos, so if you have never worked with these before, this is a good project to get you started. When you first start working with two-holed beads, it can feel a little confusing. The best tip to bear in mind is to check that both holes in your bead are open before you add the bead. It can be very frustrating if you work through one hole in the bead, then find that the other hole is blocked when you come back to pass through it. If you have any questions, then feel free to email me. Otherwise, enjoy the pattern!