Quadra Tile Bead Patterns: Tie Necklace


You will need size 11 and size 15 seed beads, plus some 3mm faceted beads and a few quadra tile beads for this pattern. It is worked in basic herringbone and circular/tubular peyote and is reasonably simple, so it would be suitable for all levels. The design fastens with a beaded clasp in the shape of a button, visible at the front.

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About this Quadra Tile Bead Pattern

This is one of a series of Quadra Tile bead patterns that I designed when I first started using quadra tile beads. In this pattern I was exploring the idea of showing off the quadra tile beads as a form of embellishment.

The full idea came from a conversation I was having with a student as I taught a beading workshop. I had been talking to the class about some of the new bead shapes and I mentioned quadra tiles. I then found myself in the slightly tricky position of having to try and describe these beads without having any actual samples or photos to show. At the end of my description, one of the students said, ‘so they’re basically a button?!’ I don’t think this is a bad description and it certainly triggered an idea in my head

If I was going to use these beads as embellishment like a button, I needed a fabric on which to place them. There are three beading stitches that have a texture that feels a little like fabric… Netting, Right Angle Weave and Herringbone. I decided to use the latter stitch as I love the pattern that it forms. So I created a design that reminded me a little of a scarf or tie and I embellished it with buttons. I added the final finishing touch by creating a Peyote stitch button that fastens through a button hole in the centre front of the necklace.

For this project you will be working in size 11 seed beads. I find herringbone can be a little tricky to start off. So I used the fringe section on the design to create a much easier way for you to start your herringbone. You will just use the size 15 beads to fix the quadra tile beads in place. Then, I used a handful of 3mm faceted beads to add some interest to the fringe.

You will be using the basic version of each technique. So as long as you feel reasonably comfortable with these techniques, you should be able to make this project easily. I have used a mixture of diagrams and close-up photos to guide you through this project. It is fairly time-consuming to stitch the length of herringbone. But I find this a very relaxing stitch. So I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this necklace.

More Quadra Tile Bead Patterns

I am constantly adding new patterns to this website. So you will be able to find more quadra tile bead patterns on here. Check out some of the links below and also sign up to subscribe to the blog if you want to get early notification of the new patterns as they appear.

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