Roman Pot Beaded Box Tutorial

This beading tutorial is available exclusively in this ebook. Please click here to buy your copy – you can choose from download or CD-Rom. Both contain the same material, including video demonstrations, and the opportunity to print out all the pages.

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This Roman pot beaded box design is available exclusively in my ebook, ‘How to Make Beaded Boxes.’ So, if you want to make this project, please follow this link to purchase a copy of the ebook. It is sold as a download, or on CD-Rom. So, you get video demonstrations of all the techniques. Plus, you can print out pages if you wish.


This project uses the following beads:

  • Size 10 delicas
  • Size 11 Delicas
  • Miyuki drops
  • Forget-me-not beads

The ebook includes information about where you can buy supplies.

Then, in addition to the beads, you will need your favourite beading thread. My preferred choice is Fireline, but you don’t have to follow that. Just use something that gives you good tension.

Experience and Techniques

The Roman pot beaded box is made exclusively in Peyote stitch. So, you will be using a combination of variations. But don’t worry – I have demonstrated all of them on videos.

I would suggest this project is suitable for intermediate and beyond. But if you are just starting out and you’re prepared to learn some new things, then give it a go!

About the Roman Pot beaded box

When I was planning the designs for this ebook, I wanted to take readers on a journey. So, that meant building from simple shapes to something more complex. In this case, this design is all about mixing shapes. (By the way, this is just one of seven different designs included in the book).

I took inspiration from a flower display in my Mum’s garden. Here in England, this Roman-style pedestal pot is quite common. It is perfect for creating a display with ‘layers’. So, in the middle, you get a miniature fir tree. Surround that with bedding plants. Then add some trailing flowers around the edge.

In this project, I’ve shown you how to use basic techniques and beads to create this effect. You might be thinking this will be really difficult, but by the time you’ve worked through the ebook, you’re going to see how simple it really is!

So, I hope that will inspire you to grab a copy of the ebook. But if flower pots aren’t your thing, I have over 50 other beaded box designs you can check out here.