Strawberry Bead Pattern for Pens


For this project you will be working in Peyote or brick stitch. You will need size 11 delicas and a beadable pen form. To find out which variation is best for you and where to buy materials, please read the full product description below.

You will receive the pattern as an automatic download on your receipt. Please remember to check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also log in to your account on this website to access and download your pattern, or email me if you are having problems.

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I have a little story to share about my strawberry bead pattern. You could be forgiven for thinking that I am obsessed with strawberries (you can see some of my other strawberry themed patterns below!). Maybe that’s true, maybe not. I did realise something as I was beading this particular pen though. I had a sudden flashback to my four-year-old self…

My Dad was sent to the USA on secondment by his company when I was four. Since the secondment was going to last a while, my whole family went with him. So, I ended up spending a year living in the States. We were renting an apartment that was furnished, but of course needed things like bedding. So, my parents took me to the department store to look at the children’s bedding.

Naturally, all the characters and themes were different from the UK and this was quite a novelty for me. I have a very clear memory of falling in love with a character called ‘Strawberry Shortcake.’ She was a cute little girl dressed in strawberry clothes and a little strawberry hat, as I recall.

Unfortunately, my Mum, ever practical, was thinking about what would be best in terms of taking the sheets home when the secondment was over. So, I was ‘persuaded’ that ‘Holly Hobby’ themed sheets would be better because they were blue and would go with my bedroom at home. Naturally, I succumbed to Mum’s suggestion, but I still have a secret hankering after ‘Strawberry Shortcake’! All this came back to me as I sat making this Strawberry Bead pattern for my latest pen.

What is a pen beading pattern?

Very simply, a little piece of flat Peyote that can be wrapped around a pen to decorate it. You can personalise your design in any number of ways. So, these create brilliant gifts for anyone. Although, I have to say, I have a hard time parting with mine!

I have discovered a second thing about a beaded pen pattern. It’s very addictive. I am not the only one who knows this. I was showing my designs to my regular beading class and I soon ended up with everyone addicted to beaded pens. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

About the Strawberry Bead Pattern

So, you’ve already read about the inspiration behind my strawberry bead pattern. You can easily change the background colouring to suit your tastes. I used clear beads and I rather like the effect. The Strawberry Bead Pattern gives you a chart with the design. You just need to know how to bead in Peyote stitch and how to follow a Peyote beading chart. If you don’t already know those things, I have an answer to that problem.

Helpful Information

Pop up to the free tutorials section (this will open in a new tab) and find the tutorials for odd count Peyote, even count Peyote, Brick stitch and Following a Peyote pattern. (Plus, you might want to grab a few others on your way through!). Then come back here. These will give you all the technical information you need.

Next, you have a little choice to make. You need to pick an option from the drop-down menu above. If this is your first beaded pen, you will want to buy the Strawberry Bead pattern and the general instructions (that’s chart + general instructions option). If you already have the full instructions, or you know what you’re doing, just get the chart option. You can also just get the general instructions if you want a great tutorial that shows you how to follow a pattern chart and size it accurately.

Each pen needs two pattern pieces, so you can make two identical patterns, or you could think about mixing and matching. So, why not pair this with the cupcakes or the afternoon tea pen designs?

Materials for the Project

Now you’ve got all of that in your shopping basket, you need to know about materials. My pen patterns are designed to fit this beadable pen. They are also made with size 11 Delicas. The links will take you to my recommended place for purchasing the materials. They will also open in a new window so you won’t get lost. Now, make sure you check out here, then pop over to buy your materials and you’re good to go.

If you have any questions or any trouble sourcing the materials you need, just send me an email and I will help you out. Happy beading!

P.S. You can find all my other pen designs right here as well.

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