Peyote Shapes Tutorial: Geometric shapes


  • Basic instructions for making Peyote triangles, Peyote Hexagons, Peyote Pentagons, Peyote Squares and Peyote Rectangles
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Use this Peyote shapes tutorial if you want to learn the thread paths for basic geometric shapes. You get instructions for triangle, hexagon, pentagon, square and rectangle.


So, although this Peyote shapes tutorial isn’t a project as such, you still need some beads to try it!

I recommend you use Cylinder beads (so that is delica or AIKO beads) to create a stable geometric shape. However, this tutorial will also work with basic seed beads.

So, you don’t need to buy anything special. You can create practise samples using whatever beads you have in your stash.

You will also need your favourite beading thread. Geometric Peyote shapes work best with a thread that gives good tension. For me, that is Fireline, but you may prefer something different.

Experience and Techniques

Obviously, you will be using peyote stitch!

These instructions assume you know something of the technique. You should be familiar with:

  • basic peyote
  • how to step up
  • how to increase

If you need help with any of those things, you can use this free blog.

Why do you need the Peyote shapes tutorial?

These basic geometric shapes are used a lot in different projects. So, you might be wanting this Peyote shapes tutorial to get extra help with an existing project.

Or, maybe you just want to learn how to make these basic shapes so that you can create your own designs.

These shapes form the basis of all beaded boxes. So, if you have an interest in making those, this tutorial will really help. Once you have mastered the basic shapes, it’s very easy to turn them into boxes and add decoration.

You will also find these shapes pop up in Geometric beadwork projects. So, you might find yourself using the flat shapes to create jewellery.

This tutorial is a great reference guide, which you can keep and return to any time.

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