Parcel Beaded Boxes Pattern


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This parcel beaded boxes pattern is a favourite of mine. It is a lovely ornament on its own. Or, you can use it as a gift-box for someone special.


I made my parcel beaded boxes using size 11 delicas. But, if you want to scale them up, you can also make these with size 10 delicas.

I sell both types of bead here in my beading supplies.

Good tension is critical for the parcel beaded boxes. So, you should choose thread that will help you to achieve this. For me, Fireline is my preferred choice, but you may prefer something different.

Techniques and Experience

I made the parcel beaded boxes using Peyote stitch. So, you will need to work in circular and tubular. This means, you should be familiar with the techniques for increasing and decreasing.

If this all sounds a bit scary, don’t worry. I have free tutorials that you can download to learn or perfect the techniques.

So, I would suggest this project is really for advanced beaders. Or rather, anyone who is comfortable with the techniques. This means that you can take this in stages. Learn the techniques first, then build up to the pattern.

About the Parcel Beaded Boxes

I created the parcel beaded boxes as a gift box to hold a small present. I wanted to experiment with a couple of different designs. So, the pattern shows you how to make the parcel with plain wrapping paper or with the spotty paper.

I also made the bow using Peyote stitch. Initially, I had thought about mixing bead sizes in order to create the effect of ribbon around the outside of the parcel. However, when I tried this idea, it didn’t work. So, I ended up sticking to different colouring for the ribbon.

The pattern gives you detailed instructions for the techniques and also takes you through the colouring for both designs. I actually found that the spotty design is easier to make. The colouring really helps you to see the bead placement. So, bear this in mind as you create your parcels.

Finally, I can’t publish a beaded box pattern without acknowledging the debt I owe to Julia Pretl. Her book, Little Beaded Boxes, is a seminal beading book. It is a book I love and it has influenced my work. So, if boxes intrigue you, then make sure you grab a copy of this wonderful book.


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