Fuchsia: French Beaded Flower Pattern

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Use size 11 seed beads and wire to create a Fuchsia branch. Buy all the materials, at very good prices, in my beading supplies department. You will be using two basic French beading techniques. All the instructions are accompanied by clear step-by-step photos and include basic technique reminders. Suitable for all levels.

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French Beaded Fuchsia Techniques and Materials

You will be using two French beading techniques to make this Fuchsia branch. This flower is made with size 11 seed beads in Fuchsia colouring and also green, for the leaves. You will also need a handful of size 8 seed beads in white. The project uses wire in two gauges: 24 (0.5mm) and 28 (0.315mm). If you have a bead spinner, you will find this very useful.

I bound my stem branch using brown embroidery thread. So, you can buy this, along with all the other materials I have just listed, in my beading supplies department.


If you are new to French beading, you should be fine to manage this pattern. The Fuchsia uses basic techniques, with a slight twist to the four row crossover.

If you are not familiar with French beading, it basically involves threading seed beads onto wire and then shaping them into petals and leaves which can be assembled to form a plant. You can read more about this beautiful traditional craft here.

Background Information

I first started designing French beading patterns back in 2003, as soon as I had learned the French beading techniques. I still have a lot to publish, but this pattern is one of my earlier creations, dating back to 2004. So, I finally got around to writing up the instructions after a request to teach the project in a workshop.

You will find technique guides to remind you of the basics at the back of the pattern instructions.

If you are completely new to French Beading, you may like to look at my book, ‘Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets‘ which includes all the basic techniques demonstrated by me on video.

The pattern instructions include detailed step-by-step photos. So, you should find it easy to follow the different stages.

I adore Fuchsia plants and they come in so many different colour variations. Although I chose colours to reflect the plants in my own garden, a quick google image search will show you the many other colour options. Enjoy!

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    Another lovely pattern to make these vibrant colorful little flowers. Easy to follow as well.

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