French Beaded Calla Lily Pattern

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This pattern gives 9 pages of illustrated instructions to make a Calla Lily. The instructions do include techniques reminders, but I recommend this pattern for beaders with some experience of French Beading. If you are still learning this craft, then you might be interested in my book which includes video demonstrations of all the major techniques. This pattern definitely requires a bead spinner, also available for purchase from me here (unless you would like to thread 3000 beads by hand!). The flower needs about 90g of beads, plus wire in two gauges and a few basic floristry supplies, all available from me in the beading supplies. You can expect to take at least a couple of hours to make a Calla Lily.

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The French beaded Calla Lily pattern includes some basic technique reminders. So, it is a project that you can attempt at any level. However, I would recommend some experience of French beading basics will be helpful before you start.

I first started French Beading in 2003 and as soon as I had learnt the basic techniques, I began creating my own designs. I made the French Beaded Calla Lily pattern several years after I first started this craft. My first Calla Lily was created for a wedding bouquet commission. I later on made a stunning wedding bouquet combining white Calla Lily’s with red roses. It was after this that I decided to publish the pattern, at the request of a customer.

Helpful Information about the French beaded Calla lily pattern

This French Beaded Calla Lily Pattern requires you to understand the ‘basic technique’ and lacing technique. The pattern does give a reminder of how these techniques work. However, if you are new to French beading, you might be interested in my two French beading ebooks. They both include video demonstrations of the techniques.

This Calla Lily is basically created by making one huge single petal. This means that you will be stringing around 3000 beads. So, if you don’t already have a bead spinner, it would be a good investment for this project! I used to string all my beads by hand and it would probably have taken me a couple of hours to do this for a Calla Lily. Whereas, I can string this quantity in about ten minutes using the bead spinner!

You will also need wire in two different gauges. I use Matsuno brand seed beads. This project will work with other brands, but I have found that different manufacturers produce beads with very slight differences in size. So, you may need to adapt the pattern slightly if you are using a different brand of bead. You can check my beading supplies section to get your materials from me.

If you have any problems or need any advice, don’t hesitate to contact me – I’m always happy to help!

2 reviews for French Beaded Calla Lily Pattern

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jackie (verified owner)

    I bought this pattern to make purple lilies for my sister’s wedding bouquet. I have made Katie’s beaded rose at a workshop I attended so thought I would give this a go.
    At first I thought 9 pages was daunting but actually it was brilliant! The diagrams were really good and every step was explained in detail and in plain English!! (no jargon lol).
    There are lots of helpful tips along the way which I was glad of as I have never done ‘lacing’.
    The finished result was amazing and my sister was thrilled. My lacing could have been straighter but once the flower was assembled you couldn’t see it!
    It is a shame I couldn’t post a pic here to show you.
    A great and easy to follow pattern, I will definitely be buying more!
    Jackie (Epoch Beads UK)

    • Katie Dean

      Hi Jackie,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments – I’m so pleased you enjoyed this project. Thank you also for emailing my the photo of your beautiful flower. I have added it to the gallery, so that everyone can admire it. From what I can see, you did an excellent job with the lacing – it’s quite a tricky technique and is always hard to get it straight, so you should be very proud of yourself for mastering it!
      Katie x

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Akoya (verified owner)

    a wonderful flower and pattern! now i would love to make one with some shiny preciosa traditional silky beads, like these:
    Katie do you know maybe where i could get such beads?, or maybe would you like the idea to sell some. I didn’t find a beadshop who sells some, just some the odd delica here and there which is made like them, only found them in wholesale.

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