Design Corner Beaded Bauble Pattern


Christmas bauble featured in Design Corner in Issue 58 of Bead Magazine. This project is very simple, made using basic bead embroidery. The bauble can be filled with pot pourri to create a festive scent for your home. You will only need a mixed pack of seed beads and a small piece of material to complete this project.

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Design Corner Bauble

‘Design Corner’ was introduced as a regular feature, starting in issue 58 of Bead Magazine. The principle behind Design Corner is to create a few different types of beading project from the same mystery pack of beads. The design ideas that went into the project are outlined in the feature in the magazine and readers are given the opportunity to win a copy of their favourite design and the beads to make it. If you have seen this feature and entered the competition, then even if you weren’t lucky enough to win the competition, you can still make the beaded Christmas bauble using this pattern.

For this Design Corner feature I focused on examining how to use particular beads in a way most suited to their individual attributes. The mystery packs for this project were supplied by The Bead Shop Online and they included 3 packs of mixed beads, 3 tubes of size 6 seed beads, 3 packs of bugle beads, a pack of twin hole beads, a pack of pearls, a pack of 8mm crystals and a pack of 4mm crystals. I was particularly fascinated by the packs of mixed beads – I am always drawn to these as they look so pretty. However, the very thing that makes them look appealing – the mix of colours, shapes and sizes – also makes them particularly tricky to incorporate into a project. This issue of Bead Magazine also came out just before Christmas, so it seemed appropriate to include something suitable for the season. I realised that if I simply used the mixture of beads as they were for some easy bead embroidery, I could replicate the appearance of the packet that was so appealing. I found some material and used basic techniques to make a simple bauble. This can be filled with festive pot pourri and used to decorate your home.

The design corner competition revealed to me which of my designs were most popular. This came a close second to the rope necklace. The third design, a choker style necklace, didn’t really work for me as a design, so I haven’t written up that pattern.