Beaded Boxes for Keys Pattern

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These beaded boxes are made with size 10 Delicas. You will be working in circular and tubular Peyote stitch. The pattern includes chart paper so you can create your own designs. Suitable for anyone who enjoys Peyote stitch.

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Beaded Boxes for Keys

I designed these beaded boxes at the request of some students who wanted to learn how to make beaded boxes. I am well aware that the beaded box expert is Julia Pretl – I have her wonderful book and love her work. So, whilst I acknowledge my admiration for Julia, I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t copy her designs. I created both an individual pattern for my beaded boxes and also worked out the rows and techniques from first principles. I know how to shape Peyote and I designed the box and lid according to the structure I wanted.

When I first taught this project at a workshop, my students included a lady who already owned Julia’s book. I have had this book for many years, but I haven’t looked at it in years. I deliberately didn’t reference it at all while I created my design. Happily, I found that this had paid off. Apparently, the method I use for creating the lip to the box and lid differs from Julia’s.

Of course, copyright is a tricky little issue. It wouldn’t be possible to copyright the idea of making a beaded box. However, the method that Julia uses for her boxes is her copyright and I tried very hard to avoid infringing that. In the same way, the method I have used for this pattern is my copyright. If it bears resemblance to work that another beader has done, I can assure you that the resemblance is purely coincidental.

My Design Ideas

I also like to design with a particular idea in mind. So I wanted a reason to be designing beaded boxes in this case. I came up with that reason as I was moving into a new house. I don’t know if anyone else has found this, but I always have a dilemma with the keys that lock my windows. For reasons of security, I like to keep the windows locked. However, I am also aware that if I need to make a quick escape from the house at any time, I need to make sure the keys are easy to find. If I leave them in view on the window sill, it’s too easy to break the glass, reach in and pick up the key to unlock the window.

So, this is where these boxes come in. I designed a different box for each room in my house. Thus, it would match the decor and look attractive on the window sill. The keys are then safely out of sight in the box, but accessible in a hurry if needed. I also have some attractive beadwork on each window sill…the perfect solution!

These beaded boxes are made with size 10 Delicas. Therefore, they will grow in size quickly, but still maintain that beautifully regular shape. You will be working in circular and tubular Peyote stitch. If you need some help with those techniques, you can find free tutorials to download here. As long as you feel comfortable with the technique, you will be quite happy making your own boxes. I have also included some blank pattern paper here to allow you to create your own designs. So, enjoy!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    dora.rudin (verified owner)

    The product is amazing i did the peyote part without any problems but because i had never did the base part i had some problems with it but was me i got in touch with Katie and she answer all my questions and pointed me in the right direction so i could work on my box , her directions were great and she was a blessing in helping me when i need it and i did not have to wait she responded very fast i am not completely done with my box but thanks to her i can now do them LOL i gave out of beads so i have to wait a bit to finish it i look forwards to buying products from Katie as she should me she was not only out to sale her products But Ms.Katie was there to help me I highly recommend her and her products Thank You Again Ms.Katie

    • Katie Dean

      I am so thrilled that you have succeeded here and learned something new in the process. So, I was happy to help! I hope the new beads arrive quickly so you can finish everything off. You’ve done a brilliant job, Dora!

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