Bead Flowers Beaded Needle Cases Pattern


For this project you will need a beadable needle case form and size 11 delica beads, plus your choice of beading thread. The pattern is designed for a metal form that I purchased from GJ Beads. It is suitable for anyone happy working in Peyote stitch.

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About Beaded Needle Cases

If you’ve never come across them before, beaded needle cases are basically an opportunity to create a personalised needle case in which you can store your needles. You can buy beadable needle case forms, either made from wood or from metal. They have been specially designed so that their main body is slightly indented to allow you to add a strip of beadwork around. Although you can embellish this indented area in any way you like, most commonly beaded needle cases are created by stitching a strip of beadwork in either Peyote stitch or Brick stitch and then joining the two ends so that the strip is fastened around the needle case. There is really no limit to the ways in which you can decorate your beaded needle cases, as my friend Sian Nolan has demonstrated. In 2015 she published her first book, full of gorgeous, whimsical patterns for decorating needle cases. If you want to find out more, you can read a review of the book here.

The Bead Flowers Pattern

I designed my own pattern for beaded needle cases based on my company name and logo, designed as a project to teach. The project is a great way of learning how to read a Peyote stitch pattern and also practising your basic Peyote stitch. The design features the Bead Flowers name on one side and the remaining area is covered with little beaded flowers. I used my company colours to make my sample, but my students have used lots of different colour combinations for their beaded needle cases. The pattern also includes some blank graph paper, sized to fit the needle case, so you can create your own design. For this project I used metal needle case forms that I purchased from GJ Beads, so the design will fit that style. It is possible that if you choose a different style of needle case you may need to alter the design to create a good fit. If you are experienced, this will be no problem, but if you are just starting out, it is best to stick to the recommended products. You will also need size 11 delicas – again, using a different size or brand of seed bead will most probably cause problems with the fit of the pattern. If you need help learning Peyote stitch, then you can find free technique sheets on this website. There is also a technique sheet to help you with reading Peyote patterns. If you want to design your own lettering to replace the ‘Bead Flowers’ section – for example add your name – you might find my Peyote stitch alphabet helpful. I hope you will enjoy creating your own beaded needle cases – do send me photos of your work and I will feature it in the gallery pages.


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