Sun King Pendant Pattern


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This Sun King Pendant is a design I created in 2016 for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. If you want to know how it got its name, then read on…


This project uses a range of multi-hole shaped seed beads. So, you will need the following:

  • Tile Beads
  • Trinity Beads
  • Superduos
  • Halfmoon Beads
  • Honeycomb Beads
  • Size 11 Delicas
  • Size 11 Miyuki Seed Beads
  • Beading Thread
  • Chain and Clasp

This may sound like a long list… But if you already use some of these shapes, you will find this is a great project for using up smaller quantities.

Techniques and Experience

The Sun King Pendant pattern is a classic ‘shaped seed bead’ project. So, you won’t find any traditional seed bead-weaving stitches as such. Basically, you are just threading beads. But you will learn to use the multi-holed structure to create specific thread paths.

So, I find it tricky to grade this type of project. The difficulty lies in understanding which hole to pass through. So, really, as long as you can read instructions and follow diagrams, you should be able to do this!

Having said that, I have marked it as advanced because there are some tricky little thread paths. So, this isn’t an ideal project for your first attempt at working with multi-holed beads!

If you want to know more about different shaped seed beads, then check out this blog>>

About the Sun King Pendant

I designed the Sun King pendant as an exercise in trying to see how multi-holed beads would work together. So, unlike the basic single-holed bead, I don’t think you can create an interesting project with just one type of multi-holed bead. I have found their interest lies in how they sit together.

So, you can use this combination of different beads to create texture and interest in a design.

This pendant just evolved. I tried adding in different beads and followed the path on which they took me. So, as that evolution took place, I found the pendant creating a design that made me think of the Sun King emblems in Louis XIV’s court. Louis used this powerful emblem to remind all his courtiers and subjects of his great power.


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