Pearl Bubble Necklace Pattern


Pearl Bubble Necklace is made using tubular netting and Triangular Right Angle Weave. The necklace length can be adjusted from the 16″ shown to a longer, lariat, length. The project requires pearls, size 8 seed beads and Polaris Rings. The instructions are suitable for intermediate to advanced beaders and include step-by-step diagrams and photographic illustrations.

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Pearl Bubble necklace has a wonderfully tactile feel. The necklace itself is made from tubular netting. The clasp is created separately and fastens by looping through the two polaris rings. The ‘bubbles’ on the clasp are all made in triangular Right Angle Weave. You should feel confident in your beading skills if you want to make this project, but if you are still building up your confidence, don’t be afraid to give this one a go! You can adjust the pattern to alter the length of the necklace, so it can become a rope-length lariat style. You will need pearls, size 8 seed beads and polaris rings for this project. The pattern includes photographic illustrations and diagrams, along with sources for supplies.

I originally made a version of the pearl bubble chain for a competition entry in 2013. This version had a different fastening at the front, which I loved, but I realised I couldn’t get the beads to re-make it. So when I wanted a different colour variation, I had to create a different fastening! I have always been fascinated by the Polaris rings, so I really wanted to use them in a project. Pearl Bubble necklace seemed to lend itself to creating the bubbles that could be integrated with the Polaris rings. My original design was created in very soft pastel colours, mixing white pearls with some pale mauve and a more vibrant turquoise. When it came to making version two, I decided to try something that I could wear in the winter months and I love this combination of khaki green and purple. Pearl Bubble Necklace originally appeared in Digital Beading Magazine before becoming a pattern on here. I have also taught it in beading classes.

I loved creating my Pearl Bubble Necklace and it gets a lot of admiration whenever I wear it, so I hope you will enjoy it too!