Carrier Beads Necklace Pattern: Reversible Design


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This is my first carrier beads necklace pattern. In case you’re wondering, carrier beads are all the rage at the moment. (And in case you’re reading this later – I write this in March 2018). So, let me tell you a little about them…


For this project, you will need:

  • size 11 delicas in five colours (the pattern tells you what I used)
  • 15 carrier beads (that’s one strand)
  • 16 3mm round beads or pearls or similar
  • 16 4mm round beads or pearls or similar
  • your favourite beading thread

You can find many of the materials in my beading supplies – I’ve linked to the carrier beads.

Techniques and Experience

The carrier beads necklace pattern uses odd count and even count peyote. Plus, some circular and tubular peyote for the clasp. If you are new to beading, you can read more about Peyote stitch here >>

I have assumed you already know the basics for these techniques. But if that is not the case, you can download free tutorials for learning from this website. Just check out the free tutorial section.

Anyone who has basic knowledge (or more) of these techniques should be capable of making this necklace. So, although I have labelled it as ‘intermediate’, you can give it a try if you count yourself as an improver or above.

About the carrier beads necklace pattern

So, what are carrier beads? Well, they look like little pillows and they have two holes through them. They come in glass or acrylic, in a range of finishes. So, they are perfect for creating double strings of jewellery.

The current rage is to stitch little Peyote strips to wrap around the carrier beads. So, you can create fabulous patterns. Although, having said that, many of the carrier beads are so pretty that you may not want to cover them up.

At least, that was my thinking when I created my carrier beads necklace pattern. So, I have stitched strips for just half the beads and then strung them in combination with the basic carriers.

The pattern on my little strips is reversible. So, worn one way, you have an abstract floral pattern. Turn the necklace over and you get a message: ‘I love beads’ — Just a bit of fun!

The pattern shows you how to make your carrier beads, make the beaded clasp and then string everything together. I have included lots of handy tips. So, you will learn a few extras along the way too.

I can honestly say, carrier beads are so much fun to use. So, this won’t be my last design!

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