Beaded Sushi Necklace Pattern


Use Peyote stitch and Herringbone to make three pieces of beaded sushi on a ‘rice’ rope. This necklace can be made to any length and is fastened with a loop that hooks over one of the pieces of sushi. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced beaders. The techniques are not difficult, but it is more challenging working with peanut beads. You will need size 11 delica beads and peanut beads for this project.

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Beaded Sushi Necklace

My beaded sushi necklace design evolved directly from the beads I used. I had been working with peanut beads and trying a number of different techniques with them to see the textures that they created. For some reason, the Peyote stitch texture reminded me of rice – perhaps it reflected the fact that I was working with white peanut beads. Around the same time I had been making  a lot of three-dimensional Peyote shapes, so I soon made the link and started wondering about the possibilities of turning these beads into beaded sushi. In all my beaded food designs I have been drawn to experiment by the shapes and colouring of the food. I think sushi is particularly attractive to look at, so it really lends itself to beading. I also happen to love eating sushi, so I immediately had an idea about the types of sushi that I wanted to create.

I ended up making beaded sushi nigri and maki, finding delica colours that were right for the smoked salmon and seaweed, and using a combination of small beads for the maki filling. Each piece of beaded sushi is made separately, using a mixture of Peyote stitch and herringbone. You can just leave the sushi on its own, but I chose to make mine into a necklace. The pattern includes the instructions for completing the necklace. The design features a beaded clasp that is basically a loop that will fasten around one of the pieces of beaded sushi. This is a simple technique and one that works very well. Despite its rather novel appearance, the necklace is lightweight and very wearable.