Beaded Art Deco Bracelet Pattern


For this project you will need rectangular connector frames (available from Beadsmith stockists), seed beads in sizes 11 and 15, Arcos and Minos beads. The bracelet is adjustable in length and is made primarily in Square stitch and bead stringing. Suitable for experienced beaders.

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About the Beaded Art Deco Bracelet

My beaded Art Deco bracelet evolved from the connector frames. Something about their patterning just made me think of Art Deco style. So I decided to hunt around to match them with a design that was also Art Deco in feel. The Arcos and Minos beads proved perfect for this, as they mimicked the symmetrical curved structures that can be seen in Art Deco style. The materials for this project are all supplied by the Beadsmith and the design was created as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. You should be able to find all these materials in any bead shop that stocks Beadsmith products. If the materials are not in stock, the shop will be able to order them direct from the Beadsmith. If you are unsure who stocks Beadsmith products, you can find out here.

The Beaded Art Deco bracelet is made using mostly Square Stitch. The pattern assumes that you are already familiar with this technique, but if that is not the case, you can find a free tutorial here. You are going to be working with size 15 seed beads and I have specified that you should use Miyuki brand. This is not just because the Beadsmith stocks them! This brand actually has lovely large holes and the pattern is going to require you to make several passes through each bead, so the hole size does matter. Similarly, I have recommended using a finer needle to work these sections. The Beaded Art Deco bracelet is made in stages, so it is a project that you can pick up and put down if you don’t have time to sit for long beading sessions. I have designed a beaded clasp that can be adjusted to change the length of the bracelet, so you can fit it to any wrist size. If you prefer to use a ready-made clasp instead, that is fine – just check your sizing carefully.


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