Mushroom Bead Earrings


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These mushroom bead earrings are fun to wear and fun to make. Read on to find out more about the techniques, materials and how I came up with the design. The earrings measure about 1.5″ (7cm) x 1.25″ (6cm).


These earrings use the following beads:

  • Mini Mushroom Beads
  • Size 11 seed beads
  • Size 8 seed beads
  • Earring findings
  • Your choice of thread

I sell all these beads in the beading supplies department. So, you can pick your favourite colours. Start by choosing the Mushroom beads, then find a nice contrast colour. If you order the pattern, check the materials and then you can spend your discount coupon on the beads!

Techniques and Experience

I made these mushroom bead earrings using Cubic Right Angle Weave. So, I have marked this as an advanced pattern because the CRAW technique is a little tricky. Having said that, if it’s a technique you already know and love, these will be fun to make.

I have included detailed instructions, so you can try this project at any level. If you are learning the technique, then you can use this free tutorial to get you started.

About the Mushroom Bead Earrings Design

This earring design came directly from the beads. I had been sent some Mini Mushroom beads for part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad.

They are a gorgeous shape. So, I wanted to find a design to really show them off. The end with the hole is beautifully tapered so that they interlock. This naturally lends itself to a curved shape. So, I took that as my basis.

I also enjoy experimenting with Cubic Right Angle Weave. Once you get your head around this stitch, it is fascinating. It is just so flexible. For this design, I mixed up bead sizes and bead colours to create the curved effect. The change in colour also helped to see the thread path for the CRAW.

So, have a little think about your colouring and have fun with these mini mushroom earrings!


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