Beaded Chocolate Gateau Earrings Pattern


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I designed my beaded chocolate gateau earrings pattern as a beginner level project. I know a lot of 3-D bead-weaving can seem intimidating when you start out. So, I really wanted to create something truly accessible for everyone.

I’ll explain more after I’ve introduced you to the materials and techniques.


For the beaded chocolate gateau earrings you will need the following supplies:

  • Size 8 seed beads in chocolate colour and white
  • Size 11 seed beads in white and brown
  • 6mm round red beads
  • Closed rings and ear wires of your choice
  • Beading thread of your choice

The pattern instructions tell you exactly which beads I used. So, you’ll get details of the colours and also the brands. Why is this important? Well, different brands of seed beads actually vary slightly. So, for some projects, this can make things go a little wrong. If you want to understand more, then check out this blog>>

If you are a beginner choosing beading thread, then I urge you to experiment. Different types of thread can feel very different to use. So, most beaders find they have a natural preference for some brands. There are no rules governing which you will prefer. So, the best way to find out is to try different options! You can find some beading threads here if you need them>>

Techniques and Experience

This genuinely is a beginner level pattern. I have assumed you have little or no knowledge. So, I have taken you through everything in ‘baby steps’!

I used even count Peyote to start with in the beaded chocolate gateau earrings. Then, I introduce you to a tiny bit of very simple square stitch. Lastly, you’ll get to try some freeform beading.

Now, freeform should be the easiest way to bead as you just do as you please! But most people find the idea of having no rules is rather intimidating. So, for this project, I’ve given you some rules to guide you! It’s a great way to include a little bit of self-expression….nothing too scary though!

About the beaded chocolate gateau earrings

As I said at the beginning, I really wanted to let complete beginners have a go at some 3-D beading.

So, when I designed my beaded chocolate gateau earrings, I thought about what beginners need. Two main things sprang to mind: big beads and simple stitches!

There is really no reason why you can’t create something gorgeous with a simple technique, using big beads. So, that is just what I have done here.

I hope it will give you confidence to move on to try other projects using the techniques you learn here. Once you feel comfortable with the stitches, you can also try using them with slightly smaller beads.


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