Beaded Strawberry Pattern


This project can be made with seed beads or delicas. You will be working in circular Peyote and tubular Brick stitch. This is suitable for confident beaders. Please read the full product description below, for more details.

Your pattern will come as an automatic download on your receipt. So, please check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also download the pattern by logging in to your account on this website. If you have problems, please email me.

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The beaded strawberry pattern originally appeared in Bead Magazine in 2012. However, I have since re-written the instructions and added more diagrams. So, this is now clearer and easier to follow than the original steps in the magazine.

You will be working in circular Peyote and tubular brick stitch for this project. The instructions assume that you are familiar with brick stitch basics. If this is not the case, you can download a free tutorial from here to get you started. Just pop over to the free tutorials department in the shop and get what you need.

Materials for the Beaded Strawberry Pattern

The photos all show the beaded strawberries made using size 11 delicas. However, I have also made them using size 11 seed beads. If you are just starting out on your beading journey, then you can make these with size 8 seed beads.

Similarly, if you feel less confident with the techniques, then start these with larger beads. This will make it easier for you to see the shaping. Once you are happy with the beaded strawberry pattern, you can then make it with smaller beads.

I have not tried it with size 15 beads. But I think these would make a really cute little charm. The strawberry you see measures about half an inch (just over 1cm) in length.

Ideas for using the strawberries

You can use this beaded strawberry pattern for a lot of different projects. In the gallery photos, I show you just two that I have completed.

I made several little beaded strawberries and hung them on a silver chain to make a charm bracelet. The pattern instructions tell you how to attach the wire for this project.

If you like beaded clasps, then how about using a strawberry as a toggle clasp? In the bracelet you see, I actually made the strawberry beaded pen pattern. I just kept repeating the pattern until I had a length to fit. Then, I made toggles for the clasp, using this beaded strawberry pattern. Finally, I added two Peyote stitch rings to fit over the strawberries. If you follow the link, you can get the pen pattern and make the bracelet shown.

I have also turned my strawberries into earrings and a key ring. So, the possibilities are endless!

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