Beaded Chocolate Cake Slice Pattern


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You may recognise this beaded chocolate cake slice… I have been selling it as a beading kit for a while now. The pattern has been available in my mini-book, guide to Peyote stitch. So, I thought maybe it was time to sell the pattern on its own.


The beaded chocolate cake slice needs a few different seed beads. So, that is why I made the kit available. That is the perfect option for those of you who don’t want to end up with lots of different beads in your stash.

If you are buying the pattern on its own, you are going to need the following materials:

  • Size 11 delicas
  • Seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8
  • 3mm Bugle beads
  • 2 x 4mm Peanut beads
  • 4mm round beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

You can check my beading supplies department for these materials.


This is a Peyote stitch project. So, you will be working in circular and tubular Peyote. You are going to be using a couple of different variations on these techniques. The beaded chocolate cake slice uses the Triangular shape. I then used Cellini spiral to add the cream swirls on top.

Please don’t be scared by all this technical talk! As long as you understand basic circular/tubular Peyote and you are happy to increase and decrease, you will be fine.

If you’re reading that and thinking you don’t know these techniques, then check out my free tutorials for some handy guides.

About the Beaded Chocolate Cake Slice

I have made a few variations of chocolate cake. My original chocolate gateau appeared in the gallery in my book, ‘Beaded Cakes in Miniature’. Then, I included the full recipe in ‘Sweet Treats’ book. (If you’re interested in either of those books, just check out the books section on here!).

The original cake slice came about after the Beadworker’s Guild asked me to design a project for their journal. It was all the excuse I needed to turn my full chocolate gateau into a yummy slice of cake!

The cake slice measures a little over an inch. So, it makes a perfect key ring, fridge magnet, or even pendant! The pattern has been a hit ever since it was published. So, I hope you enjoy making your own calorie-free treat!


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