Bead Embroidery Pattern


For this project, you will need backing (eg Stiff Stuff), Ultrasuede, a round disc, seed beads in sizes 8 and 11, plus 4mm pearls. This is ideal for beginners. Read the full description for more details.

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About this Bead Embroidery Pattern

I designed this bead embroidery pattern as a way of teaching some basic bead embroidery techniques, so it is perfect if you would like to get a taste of this style of beadwork. This design is all about creating different textures and shows you how to add a backing. It can be worn as a pendant or stitched onto a bag, or used as a brooch. Once you have become accustomed to these techniques, you can go on to design your own patterns or try some of my more advanced bead embroidery patterns from here.

The bead embroidery pattern instructions include detailed text and images to show you the techniques you will be using. I have also written a complete guide to bead embroidery, which you can find here (for free!) and which may be helpful for you to consult as you work. The floral design you see here came about as I was looking to create something for teaching. I wanted to make something that would not be too time-consuming. I also wanted to introduce a lot of basic, easy, techniques and to show some of the principles that I hoped would help my students go on to try their own designs. So, this was the thinking behind this bead embroidery pattern! I ended up using stack stitch, couching, backstitch, brick stitch and loop stitch for this little project. I know it will work for beginners as I was, myself a complete beginner when I made this! There are lots of handy tips and things like my choice of beads that help to cover those inevitable beginner errors that we all make. This is a great way of putting in some practise and ending up with an attractive result at the end, even if you have never tried a bead embroidery pattern before.