Strawberry Shortcake Beaded Box Kit


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This strawberry shortcake beaded box kit takes my cake slice design and turns it into a beaded box. So, this is really part of a series of projects. If you like the idea, then keep reading the product description to find more projects like this.

Note: if you just need a pattern for this project, I have it available here>>


I have to acknowledge a wonderful beader called Julia Pretl here. Her book, Little Bead Boxes, was the first that I know of to bring beaded boxes to a wider audience.

I want to emphasise that I have created my own designs and not simply replicated Julia’s techniques or instructions. However, you will see similarities between our techniques for the simple reason that there is a limit to the way in which Peyote stitch can be used to create stable structures like this.

So, if you enjoy making this, then I also urge you to investigate Julia’s book and the designs on her website.

Your strawberry shortcake beaded box kit contain:

The strawberry shortcake beaded box is made with the following beads:

  • Size 10 delicas
  • Size 11 delicas
  • Seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8

I have not included thread in your kit as most people already have a good supply. Tension is absolutely critical for the success of this project. So, please use whatever beading thread helps you to achieve the best tension. For me, it is Fireline. But I know that everyone has their personal preference. So, you can find different beading threads and all the beads for this project in my beading supplies.

Techniques and Experience

The strawberry shortcake beaded box is made entirely with Peyote stitch. You will be using circular and tubular variations. So, you should also be comfortable with increasing and decreasing.

If you are unsure of any of these techniques, don’t worry – I have free tutorials that will teach you! So, grab whatever you need and use it alongside this tutorial.

I recommend this project for intermediate to advanced level. Basically, as long as you enjoy Peyote stitch and feel reasonably confident, you should be able to complete this box.

I have included diagrams, photos and really clear, detailed instructions.

About the strawberry shortcake beaded box kit

Having written Sweet Treats book and having designed various beaded boxes, I guess it was inevitable that I should combine the two ideas at some point. So, here we are!

I think the design is fairly self-explanatory. If you are intrigued by my ongoing fascination with strawberries, then try reading this!

As I said at the beginning, if you like the idea of beading cakes, or boxes, I have plenty more projects that you can try. So, take a look at the tags just above the product description and you can use those to find projects that are similar to my strawberry shortcake beaded box.

You may also have noticed that you have a couple of options for the Strawberry shortcake beaded box kit. You can buy just the beads. So, this is perfect if you already have a pattern. Or, you can buy beads and instructions if you need everything. So, please make sure you choose the right option when you buy.

I have also included links to a few more ideas just under here, so enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 3 cm
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Beads only, Beads and Pattern

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