Rivoli Beaded Box Pattern


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Wikipedia reliably informs me that this Rivoli beaded box is actually in the form of a shape called a ‘Truncated Tetrahedron’. If that confuses you, then I will explain all in a minute. But first, let’s get to the important things: what materials and techniques will you use?


You need the following materials for your Rivoli beaded box:

  • Size 15 delicas – just a couple of grams
  • Size 11 delicas – about 15g
  • Four 14mm Rivolis
  • Your choice of beading thread

You can check my beading supplies department for all these materials. But this project is actually a great ‘stash-buster’. Depending on your choice of colouring, you can use up lots of leftover beads.

In my design, I used six different colours of Delicas. So, that cleared out a few leftover tubes from my stash. But you can also make this in a single colour. Or, try different colour combinations.

I have included information about my exact colouring. Plus, I’ve given you some ideas and help with how the colouring works. So, this information will help you to create your own colour scheme – or just follow mine!

Experience and Techniques

The Rivoli beaded box is made with Peyote stitch. I used a tiny bit of basic RAW to create the bezels for my Rivolis. You can read more about the techniques here, if you don’t know what they are. I also have free tutorials that you can download if you need some extra help.

I would count this as an intermediate level beaded box. Compared with some of my designs, this one is very straightforward. So, if you are growing your beaded box skills, this is a good project to try.

If you are already an experienced beader, you will be fine with this project, even if it is your first beaded box.

About the Rivoli Beaded Box

This design is one of the many ideas that evolved from my Santa beaded box pattern. When I created that design, I discovered a whole new way of making a box structure.

So, this pattern is a start at exploring that idea. It uses flat shapes to create the box structure. So, this brings more design possibilities. Instead of just thinking of a square, rectangle, pentagon or triangle, a beaded box can take on a whole range of geometric forms.

I have realised that this also opens up huge possibilities for making beaded boxes using shaped seed beads, clever patterning, and so on. So, you can expect to see me develop this concept even further.

For those of you who are curious about the ‘Truncated Tetrahedron’, it is a shape made from four triangles and four hexagons. You can find more information here>>

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